Software as a Service

Rethinking everything as a service

Software as a Service should be part of your strategy for the near future. Big or small business, awareness is what you need. You can keep track of the fast changes coming along with this new technology and know your options as well as the competition.

Learn from our system architects with 7+ years of experience and rolled-up sleeves on current technology stacks.

1 - Make, buy or ally

During this 1h brown bag lunch, you and your team will learn about the strategies for adopting SaaS solutions in the digestible format and relaxed atmosphere of your team lunch.

  • Baking the making open sourced
  • Buy on the fly & watch your credit card
  • Rely on your ally: no risk no fun!

2 - Architecture Patterns

During this 1-day workshop, you and your team will learn how to develop a SaaS architecture based on a business need and which concerns to answer before starting to touch any line of code.

  • Identifying business actors, activities and information exchanges
  • Defining SaaS functionalities that support the actors
  • Building a SaaS architecture using common patterns
  • Making security considerations at the architecture level

3 - Build your own SaaS

During this 1-day training, you and your team will build their first functional SaaS and deploy it to the cloud. You will learn the most relevant concepts while working hands on.

  • Defining a data schema
  • Developing an API and frontend
  • Deploying in a serverless infrastructure