We all work with systems. Mutualitics is inspired by the systems that involve us, humans. Imagine a city, where the architects carefully curved the bike paths, districts and parks to transform this space into a liveable place.

We believe that the same care should be applied to the structures that define our digital world of work. We love to architect and develop secure solutions that by design can have a positive influence on us, almost magically.

We believe that well-architected products can enable mutually positive behaviour and this mutuality can be measurable, thus, make work effective and hopefully even enjoyable, just like a liveable city is.

Meet the Founders

Anna Bley, CEO

B.Sc. Physics TU Berlin, M.Sc. Mathematics HU Berlin

Before mutualitics, she was leading the business development for the TU Delft airborne wind energy spin-off and system integrator, Kitepower, and coordinator within its European Union Horizon 2020 project.

Emre Salmanoglu, CTO

M.Sc. Mechatronics INSA Strasbourg, PMP, TOGAF certified

Before mutualitics, he was one of the architects of multinational digitial transformation programmes. He previously worked as a system engineer and enterprise architect. He is an experienced project manager in information security.